​My name is Luke Sprague and I am the owner of HistoryMint. 

I investigate little-known corners of history providing people with the real story often lost over generations. In short, I answer questions people have about their past.

Private individuals, organizations, and governments hire me specifically to help them uncover, explain, and document aspects of family life, military service, property records, historic sites, and culture.

The narratives that I create appear as books, video documentaries, lectures, oral histories, and findings of fact.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to understand what I can do for them, so I am including below my resume ​and some feedback.


Luke Sprague, M.A.


Historic Preservation Professional- (completed June 28, 2017) The Idaho State Historic Preservation Office listed me as a historic preservation consultant on the Idaho Historic Preservation Professional Consultants List in the professional category: History. See the award letter here. What this means in laymen’s terms is that I am professionally qualified to receive Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant money from Certified Local Governments (CLG) for National Register of Historic Places nominations and other Historic Preservation Commission related projects. See the Secretary of Interior’s “Historic Preservation Professional Qualification Standards,” by clicking on this text.

Book, History- Schultheis Family Odyssey: From Bavaria to the Pacific Northwest (completed April 10, 2017) Frightened families watched as the sheriff’s posse on horseback surrounded their wagons in Green Horn Gulch. One wagon over, Frank looked at Michael and subtly shook his head “no.” Michael nodded in silent compliance and released his hand from his rifle under the wagon seat. This book is for those German Americans who are interested in what their ancestors went through to become Americans while maintaining their unique German culture. The narrative retraces the history of the Schultheis family from Bavaria to Washington State. The chronicle details this family’s tribulations necessary to find their way between 1780 and 1952. See http://historymint.com/family/contact

State historical marker- American Mutual Company, Oklahoma City (completed May 12, 2016) A client sought my assistance to write a nomination for an Oklahoma Historical Society marker for the American Mutual Company. Given the relatively recentness of the American Mutual Company, it was critical that I establish that the American Mutual Company did something historically significant on the state level. After further research, we discovered that the Homsey Brothers who owned the American Mutual Company did win an Oklahoma State Supreme Court decision in 1961 that changed the nature of retail sales in the state of Oklahoma. This made the brothers historically significant at the state level. I wrote the historical narrative for the successful nomination. See http://gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc433194/

Folklore documentation- Idaho Commission on the Arts (completed February 18, 2016) The Idaho Commission on the Arts asked me to become part of their Community Scholar Program, I was interested and joined. As part of the Community Scholar Program, the Idaho Commission on the Arts needed local folk artists documented. Initially, I sought out a local family ranch to see what folk life I could find there. However, they recommended that I speak with two other groups, the Deary Funeral Dinner Ladies, and the Avon Busy Bees. I made contact with both groups and was able to conduct oral interviews. The interviews went well, and we were able to capture the folk life essence of both groups. See https://arts.idaho.gov

Grant writer- Latah County Historic Preservation Commission (began February 2015, ongoing) The Latah County Board of County Commissioners hired me to submit the National Park Service (NPS) grant application for the National Register of Historic Places. I write the grant application and oversee its implementation through to completion. While managing multiple historic nominations simultaneously, I ensure Latah County meets the Certified Local Government (CLG) standard in accordance with the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office in order to receive NPS funding. See https://www.latah.id.us/hpc/

Oral History- Whitman County Historical Society Oral Histories (completed December 5, 2015) This project was a collaboration between Washington State University (WSU) and Whitman County Historical Society. I oversaw the publication of the Whitman County Oral History Collection to the internet, provided project management, and edited citations before publication. See http://content.libraries.wsu.edu/cdm/search/collection/p16866coll7

Lecture- “Who was Henry Clay Wood?” (completed June 26, 2014) A lecture I gave at the Fort Walla Walla Museum about the life of Henry Clay Wood, a historically relevant figure in the life of the fort and the peoples of the Pacific Northwest. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4s0HWF6jHc

Documentary- Lieutenant John Zebroski, 3583 QM Truck Company (completed October 8, 2014) I created a professional two-hour video documentary that followed the steps of a Second World War soldier from the day he landed at Omaha Beach on V-E Day. The research included work with United States military records groups RG 38 and RG 498. See a sample at https://historymint.wistia.com/medias/m8tay4jxuk


​Work History

  • ​Independent Historian, Moscow, Idaho, 2013 to present
  • IT Staff, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 2007–2013


I thank you sincerely for the work and research you did to put this together. What a great story, and history."

Carroll Schultheis

You have done a truly excellent job and we are very much enjoying our copy."

Nora Moser

I am enjoying your book so much...Thanks for everything. Good Luck to you on new adventures."

Carol Henson

I hired HistoryMint to research some specific histories for a forthcoming non-fiction historical book.The owner, Luke, guaranteed and has provided one hundred percent confidentiality about my thesis, premise, and project. Luke got up to speed on my book's topics and theme and very quickly. He even came to understand the topics so well that he completed the project I hired him to do in an efficient and very timely manner. He accomplished the goals I hired him to, and I am pleased with his work product and results. Luke is communicative, professional, smart, and talented.I highly recommend hiring HistoryMint if you need historical research done.”

Arlene Spencer

“Good job and as they say, the check is in the mail.”

Stuart Scott

“Always doing good detailed research, not always going after the thing that everybody else does, sometimes kind of drilling down into the ether, not always going after stuff that is not as quite well known, a lot of the rich stuff is buried. I think he is available to help out with authors and movies to make sure they are historically accurate, this is something which is a very valuable service...experts like Luke.”

James Payne

We like the book you wrote and would like to order 2 more. I think you did a great job and thanks!"

Jim Schultheis