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My name is Luke Sprague and I am the proud owner of HistoryMint. 

I investigate little-known corners of history providing people with the real story often lost over generations. In short, I answer questions people have about their past.

Private individuals, organizations, and governments hire me specifically to help them uncover, explain, and document aspects of family life, military service, property records, historic sites, and culture.

The narratives that I create appear as books, video documentaries, lectures, oral histories, and findings of fact.


Luke Sprague

Here is what clients say-

I thank you sincerely for the work and research you did to put this together. What a great story, and history."

Carroll Schultheis

I am enjoying your book so much...Thanks for everything. Good Luck to you on new adventures."

Carol Henson

You have done a truly excellent job and we are very much enjoying our copy."

Nora Moser

I am not someone who likes to read for enjoyment, yet I found myself reading this book and having a hard time putting it down! Your style of writing certainly keeps the book interesting. Thank you for all your work. This will be a treasure for all of us."

Margaret Imrie

Also, thanks so much for your willingness to work with my limited technical knowledge and all your explanations and how-to(s). It helped greatly. I appreciated your efficient updates and your many options for payments. I wish you continued success in your future research projects. I have already, and will continue to recommend your services to others. Good luck and many thanks for a job well done."

Jacqui Andersen

I really appreciated working with you and all of your work on this. There’s no way this would have happened without you! Thank you again! Luke, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help with all of this. I’ve never done something like this before, but it’s pretty neat to have been a part of it. Makes me want to dive into another history project!"

Brent Vawter

The family is much indebted to Mr. Luke Sprague for his professional and creative work in bringing together many elements of this history. Luke discovered many features of this family odyssey that I was not aware of and had never heard recounted during family gatherings."

Michael Schultheis

For Memorial Day I shared some of the info you gathered about my dad's service with others in the family. Everyone was so glad to hear the story and all are interested in the narratives. Thanks again for such a detailed chunk of history."

Lynne McCreight

I hired HistoryMint to research some specific histories for a forthcoming non-fiction historical book. The owner, Luke, guaranteed and has provided one hundred percent confidentiality about my thesis, premise, and project. Luke got up to speed on my book's topics and theme and very quickly. He even came to understand the topics so well that he completed the project I hired him to do in an efficient and very timely manner. He accomplished the goals I hired him to, and I am pleased with his work product and results. Luke is communicative, professional, smart, and talented. I highly recommend hiring HistoryMint if you need historical research done."

Arlene Spencer

A damn good book."

Ed Garretson

A worthy pursuit...excellent!”

Ross Whitney

Always doing good detailed research, not always going after the thing that everybody else does, sometimes kind of drilling down into the ether, not always going after stuff that is not as quite well known, a lot of the rich stuff is buried. I think he is available to help out with authors and movies to make sure they are historically accurate, this is something which is a very valuable service...experts like Luke."

James Payne

You are a dogged researcher and this is the best characteristic of a good genealogist."

Siegfried Sesselmann

I asked the owner, Luke Sprague, to find out more about my grandfather's service in WWII that we could present to him this past Fall. In my previous research, I wasn't able to find much information about his trucking company. Luke asked me what I was looking for, and after some consideration, I gave him some general ideas. I told Luke what dates I needed it by, and he delivered with some time to spare. He was able to paint a very informative picture, providing detailed historical documents and maps from the war. After watching the 2-hour video, I was extremely pleased with the results. More importantly, my 95 year old grandfather was beyond ecstatic after watching the presentation. It was obvious that Luke has the knowledge and access to uncover and present records that I didn't even know existed. In the words of my grandfather, "110%, 2 thumbs up! Luke was very professional throughout the process. I liked that he kept me up to date on his findings, and was quick to contact me if he needed any clarifications with my expectations. I'd highly recommend History Mint to anyone looking for more information about a family member that served our country in a past war or conflict."

Chris Gass

What a wonderful book. You must be so proud. It is very impressive."

Monica Peters