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Hello, my name is Luke Sprague and I am the sole proprietor of the HistoryMint based in Moscow, Idaho.

On October 7, 2013, I created the HistoryMint brand out of a desire to provide quality historic products to people. That is it, no fancy marketing business-speak just plain old blue jeans hard work backed with integrity—that hasn’t gone out of style.

I build long-term relationships with my customers just ask them. See my reviews on Yelp! by clicking here.

The HistoryMint Brand

While struggling to come up with a brand name, I stumbled across a word that fit the brand I was trying to create: mint.

Mint can mean more than a couple of things. First, a mint can be a building that produces something of value like a mint that coins money or prints currency. Second, a mint can be a type of chocolate candy that many people like. Third, a mint can be a plant that you have a hard time getting out of your garden.

We can eliminate the third definition.

As I thought about the first two definitions, they fit the meaning I sought, a place that makes something of value plus the word history: HistoryMint. Or, alternatively, a chocolate candy that tastes good plus the word history: HistoryMint.

Both convey the meaning I am trying to express, something involving history that customers treasure or relish. 

What makes me different?

What differentiates me from the competition is that my response time is quick. You receive good value for your money and the quality is such that you will be back for more.

How I can help you...

I can help you with your questions about: 

  • History projects
  • Grant writing for history
  • Research for military service of a family member
  • Family history
  • Building and property research
  • Historical markers
  • Oral histories
  • Historical research

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