The front of a military ID bracelet from WW2, note the heavy-chain construction of the clasp. I obscured the engraved name out of respect for family’s privacy.

Military ID bracelets have as a rule always had one primary purpose: identify those service members killed in action.

The military identity bracelet sometimes provided one of the means of identifying a service member if their identity tags (dog tags) were not available.

These military ID bracelets hold special meaning for family members and close friends of the deceased or living service member. 

The back of a military ID bracelet from WW2, note the sterling silver metal construction. I obscured the Army Serial Number out of respect for the family’s privacy.

Often the service member returned home and the bracelet passed down to other members of the family along with the wartime stories.

If you are having issues identifying someone on a military ID bracelet or are interested in more detail about their military service, I investigate these cases and as a veteran of a foreign war, I respect the family’s confidentiality.