What the person needed:

I will let the customer, Chris speak for himself, “I asked the owner, Luke Sprague, to find out more about my grandfather's service in WWII that we could present to him this past fall. In my previous research, I wasn't able to find much information about his trucking company.”

How I satisfied that need:

I created a two-hour video documentary tracing the footsteps of an American soldier during the Second World War from the day he landed at Omaha Beach to V-E Day in 1945. The documentary also explained in laymen’s terms how his Army unit functioned and where it fit into the United States Army.

The project included actual film footage, maps, documents, and photographs involving his military unit. The difficult part for this project was actually uncovering and tracing the movements of a separate transportation company in the European Theater of Operations (ETO).

The customer's feedback:

Luke asked me what I was looking for, and after some consideration, I gave him some general ideas. I told Luke what dates I needed it by, and he delivered with some time to spare. He was able to paint a very informative picture, providing detailed historical documents and maps from the war.

After watching the 2-hour video, I was extremely pleased with the results. More importantly, my 95-year-old grandfather was beyond ecstatic after watching the presentation. It was obvious that Luke has the knowledge and access to uncover and present records that I didn't even know existed.

In the words of my grandfather, "110%, 2 thumbs up!" Luke was very professional throughout the process. I liked that he kept me up to date on his findings, and was quick to contact me if he needed any clarifications with my expectations. I'd highly recommend History Mint to anyone looking for more information about a family member that served our country in a past war or conflict.”

Chris Gass

Date completed:  October 15, 2015

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Samples:  Video snips from the documentary-